WW Baby Nest

  • REINVENTS THE WOMB: WW Baby Nest has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. Many babies prefer a nurturing, cozy surrounding that mimics the mother’s womb.
  • FACILITATES TUMMY TIME: WW baby Nest is the ideal spot to have tummy time with your little one. When baby is awake and ready to play with you, the rounded sides help to prop up your baby when placed under his/her arms. 
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The WW Baby Nest is an ideal travel companion for moms with babies and toddlers, as it maintains familiarity in a new environment. 
  • IDEAL FOR CO-SLEEPING/BED SHARING: With rounded sides, the WW baby Nest helps create a barrier between baby and parents to give your child their own cozy space. When used in an adult bed properly, it offers a better way to co-sleep.


There is a buckle on the crib to make its length adjustable.
This crib keeps your baby safe and comfortable when it sleep.


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