Little Shark Baby Sleeping Bag


Let the little angels sleep comfortably while your heart melts down with so much cuteness! 

  • Little Shark Baby Sleeping Bag is made of 100% cotton. 
  • Excellent for keeping your baby very warm and cozy.
  • The zipper has a cover to protect it from harm and it features a very long zipper creating a wide open setting for you to easily put your baby in and take your baby out again.
  • Little Shark Baby Sleeping Bag works with most strollers, car seats, and joggers. Simply use a scissors to cut along the slits seen on the back of the bag to thread the strap through. 
  • The recommended age range for this item is 0-2 years old. This item is big enough to allow for young toddlers to fit in it.
  • The dimensions for this item are 32.6" long and 25.1" wide. 
  • Also perfect for a photo shoot session!