Baby Building Blocks



Parents of babies, toddlers and young children know the importance of building the mind through the early ages. 

The soft blocks are designed to infants develop motor and sensory skills. 

The best part? They can chew them! 


  • Suitable for a child 3 months and older.
  • PVC soft Rubber Material Safe and Non-toxic,Formaldehyde free, BPA free.
  • They ring when squeezed providing auditory  training.
  • Also bath toys as they float.
  • Early education.
  • Simple number addition and subtraction to exercise logical thinking ability when your baby is ready.
  • Color perception:12 blocks with 12 different colors.
  • Animal recognition:12 different animals.
  • Graphic touch:12 types different graphics.
  • Geometry splicing design: Each block can be combined together.